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Rodent Proofing

We all have different opinions on how we feel when we see a little mouse running across our floor, whether you think it is cute and harmless or you are absolutely disgusted and terrified by the sight of the little guy. The truth of the matter is that one little feces from a house mouse carries thousands of viruses (Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Salmonellosis, L.C.M.V.) that can jeopardize the health of you and your family.

Here are a few links to The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) pages showing diseases and sickness that can be caused by rodents:

  1. Rodent-caused Diseases
  2. Hantavirus
  3. L.C.M.V.

Now multiply that risk by how much feces is actually found in your home. Have you noticed any other signs of evidence? Rub marks seen on baseboards? Holes nibbled through a bag of bread?

Field Mouse

Reliant Pest Management is here to help. A detailed inspection will be performed. We will inform you of all activity found including droppings found, live activity and entry points. We will vacuum all droppings with professional HEPA vacuum and sanitize area. We will seal all active entry points including radiators, pipe chases and holes in baseboards. The exterior perimeter will also be inspected and entry points sealed in order to keep out new activity. Baits and traps will be placed strategically throughout home including kitchen, basement and attic areas in order to remove activity that has occupied your home. A follow-up service will be performed two weeks later to ensure quality of service, at no extra cost to you.

Again, to keep our customers satisfied we warranty all services.


Norway Rat

Are you noticing burrows in your yard or on your property? Rat activity in your basement? Have you been given a citation by the city for rat activity in your yard? Reliant Pest Management offers a comprehensive rat service program. An inspection and treatment to your basement and exterior perimeter, all exclusion work included, will be performed and exterior bait stations added to your liking. Proper documentation will be given. All parties will be satisfied. Ask about our services to re-landscape inactive burrows and rat-damaged property.